Saturday 8 December 2018

Paris Burning: French Revolution 2.0....................from Rico

I'd keep an 'eye' on France.
- The "people" (the working stiffs who have had enough of the force-fed multiculturalism that has turned their country into a 3rd-world shithole before their eyes by their traitorous 'elites') are having no more of the Socialist-NWO.Globalist-Econazis telling them to "Eat Carbon Taxes! Let them eat Multiculturalism!" and threaten their elites with Revolution 2.0, possibly with the Guillotine.
- If 'leaders' cannot remove their heads from their asses, the "people" may well do it for them. The old-fashioned way.
The French "Invisibles" [think: Deplorables] are in the majority, and are the tax-donkeys $upporting the Rapefugee's who are sitting on the "people's" shoulders and living off the state - in turn 'protected' by the traitorous "elites' and "leaders" who are steering the destruction of France directly into becoming the French Caliphate.

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Anonymous said...

I hope the French citizenry clean that country up and make it France again. They are doomed and damned if they don't.