Saturday 8 December 2018

The Theft of Christmas Past, Present and Future....................from Rico

The Christmas 'gift' of 1913 [the FED & IRS were 'created' by Congress 23 Dec] keeps 'giving' today, and we're all still being 'taken' for a ride now...and will be into the future.
- The Fed is no more Federal than Federal Express, it is a privately owned, for profit, bank that has been 'created' to be Too Big To Fail and Too Big To Prosecute while harvesting all the wealth from "We the People" as is humanly possible.
The animation at the below link is worth your time to watch, and is a serious presentation despite the animation.
- This is simply THE best summation of facts (there is nothing mis-stated in this clip) presented...probably exactly WHY this is not required viewing/reading in ALL public schools at all levels, and why 99% of Americans have NO IDEA of any of the facts presented here.
Thanks to the events of 1913, you can put a fork in America, it's done.
Very-very few today understand that Banks 'make' MONEY by 'selling' DEBT, giving us the gift of INFLATION which the IRS then TAXES. 
This is THE best 30 minutes I have spent this year, and I hope you will think so too after watching this.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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