Sunday 23 December 2018

PC is a really BAD "Business Plan"...................from Rico

The "corrosive" Left destroys everything it comes into contact with. Doubt this?
- Consider all those empty stadium seats since the NFL went full-Social Justice Warrior...not to mention the $tunning financial loss incurred by ESPN this year.*
- Or the formerly-known-as Boy Scouts of America...look at the timeline. They died faster than Venezuela!
*ESPN 'lost' two million subscribers in fiscal 2018 alone [read: billion$ in future revenue that are lost forever]; layoffs are being planned now.


Anonymous said...

B&G Scouts of America. Moral bankruptcy proceeds financial bankruptcy.

Mr. Bee said...

The Boy Scouts didn't go bankrupt from allowing girls in, they went bankrupt allowing gay child predators in. For which they are being sued. If you want to put the blame on someone though, the ACLU is probably the most culpable.