Sunday 23 December 2018

Writing 'Laws' Explained for the 97%.....................from Rico

It usually seems like CONgress suffers from a permanent state of cranial-rectal inversion to their electorate [read: voters].
- This is not the case, but rather it is their constituency [read: paymasters] that does. Contrary to popular opinion, this is NOT the voters.
- POTUS does not write laws. Period. (This is Civics 101.)
- CONgress does not write laws (not any more).
- $pecial Interests via their Lobbyists write laws...and they own both the legislators and the legislative process. Since they fund both wings of the Uniparty [R & D], and they do NOT want 'border security'...guess what? It'll happen over their dead bodies and/or empty wallets. Meanwhile, the US gets not the best government their tax dollars can buy, but the best government $pecial Interest money can buy.
Right now you are watching McConnell, in open daylight, protecting HIS constituency [read: paymasters]. MItch won't call the House's 'border security' bill (which includes $5bn for a wall) because:
- He's doing his job for his paymasters by stalling/stifling a vote.
- The paymasters cannot afford for their bought-and-paid-for Senators to be seen voting against 97%* of the voters wishes.
As Reagan learned (the hard way), the Uniparty does not 'make' deals...or 'keep'
Now you KNOW how laws are made.
*The 97%: Badly paraphrasing George Orwell here ", beer, and above all TV, filled up the horizons of their minds. To get them to vote [Uniparty] was not difficult."

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Mark Matis said...

I would only note that the Department of "Justice" is one of the agencies currently without funding. Sure would be a shame if the Mueller investigation were determined to be non-essential. Do note that non-essential personnel are NOT allowed to work, even if they're willing to do so without pay, because "liability" if any of them were to be injured.

Of course, the SDNY might also be declared non-essential. And it wouldn't break my heart for them to do the same with the entire FBI...