Tuesday 15 January 2019

CNN: Riddle Us This Jim Acosta....................from Rico

Have you noticed yet that the 'scripted' news from the fake news media not only uses almost identical verbiage on ALL of their outlets while spouting an identical agenda?
- Sure, I pick on CNN [read: Crap News Network, Communist News Network, Corrupt...well, I could go on all day like this but you 'get' my drift here] because they deserve it. They ALL deserve it, Socialist societal engineers that they are.
But let me give you an example: The Government Shutdown.
- All of the 'reportage' and commentary is focused upon one thing...government workers 'missing pay' [cue: oh, the humanity].
- Almost none of said 'news reporting' bothers to mention that ALL furloughed government employees are classified as "nonessential." Let that sink in...nonessential. Nonessential government employees, identified as nonessential by the government that employs them.
- NONE of the reporting will talk about what actual 'work' ...nonessential work...is not being performed, much less about whether Mr & Mrs Happy Taxpayer are 'missing' the nonessential work not being performed. Nor will they note that Americans are no longer paying for nonessential work [read: make work] that likely isn't being performed when these nonessential employees are on the clock.

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