Tuesday 15 January 2019

American "news" today: Ignore, Deny, Lie................from Rico

Journalism in America is dead.
- This is NOT 'news' as this has been the case ever since the Socialists gained control over the MSM.
Well  how dare I say so!?
- The MSM calls a REAL crisis on the US border 'manufactured' while happily covering gay child abuse.
- The MSM completely IGNORES such things as Spygate (the Obama misAdministration weaponizing the Intelligence Community against Trump) and the ongoing COUP attempt against Trump intended to overturn the 2016 election results.
- Democrat $EX perverts are coddled, and roam free unmolested by the MSM because...well, it's OK if you're (a) Democrat, and (b) rich.
BUT the crowning glory of the inglorious bastards of the MSM is their aiding and abetting the greatest THREAT TO AMERICA...$oros and the Democrats [C].
And WHY you may fairly ask (providing you have not gotten drunk on the 'free' Koolaid)?
- Because...#rethist, er #resist. Aw Hell, I had it right the first time!

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Mark Matis said...

Actually, sharing the Public Enemy #1 title with Soros are the Koch brothers. They and their Rove Republican "employees" are every bit as putrid as Soros and his Democrat puppets. They all have the same goal: One World Government. The only difference is that the Kochs and their toadies want to go there slightly slower, and have a different set of cronies to slop at the government trough whilst enroute.