Tuesday 15 January 2019

LA Teachers Strike. Fire their useless asses................from Rico

The teachers in Commiefornia's LA are on 'strike' for more pay, less work, smaller classes.
- Ignored is the question "Why the Hell should the taxpayers be paying these 'professional indoctrinators' [they sure aren't 'educators' anymore, not by any definition of the word known outside the Marx-Hegel dialectic] to brainwash gullible children to be 'good little Socialists' in the first damned place?
Typical of these know-nothing/know-it-all ignoranuses who are jokingly referred to as 'teachers' these days, they are blissfully ignorant of what happened when the Air Traffic Controllers went on strike.
- Safely guiding aloft aircraft with passengers is a damned sight more needed than having a bunch of overpaid and underworked opinionated cows too stupid to pass an audition to be on 'The View' in most sane people's minds.


Mark Matis said...

Fire them? Yeah, right! They are employed by the City of Los Angeles. Ain't no way in hell they'll be fired.

Anonymous said...

Odd that they're complaining about class sizes given their uninhibited support for more illegal (sorry - 'undocumented') aliens:




Mr. Bee said...

The legacy of cuck Republican Governor Wilson allowing government unions is still paying dividends - for Democrats.

MMinWA said...

teacher's unions are enemy #1