Saturday 19 January 2019

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Can you imagine the uproar from the Dems if a Republican were to do what Justice Ginsburg is doing.  
We presently have a Supreme Court with just 8 members and Lord knows how long it will remain that way.  The Dems can act and behave any despicable way that they desire and the media is silent.

If Justice Ginsburg retires, unable to return to the Supreme Court, or dies, President Trump will no doubt nominate another constitutional conservative to replace her.  If that happens, be prepared for all hell to break loose.  While there's good reason to suspect that the Senate Democrats on the Judiciary Committee will attempt to hijack the proceedings again, not only does the Senate Judiciary committee remain in the hands of the Republican majority, but Senator Lindsey Graham is the new chairman.  This is the same Senator Graham who delivered a righteous tirade over the obscene behavior of Judiciary Committee Democrats, the debacle instigated by Senator Dianne Feinstein, and the felonious grandstanding by Democrats (and protesters) in order to railroad the Kavanaugh hearing process.  Senator Graham has most likely learned a thing or two since the Kavanaugh hearings, and perhaps he will take measures to ensure that the next round of Supreme Court justice hearings are held in a civil manner, without drama and minus the banshees.
For starters, there is no rule or law mandating that the hearings be open to the public, nor before television cameras.  Senator Graham can easily quash the protesters by locking the doors.  More importantly, the only role of the Senate committee is to advise and consent.  That task doesn't require an audience.  Most if not all of the preliminary questioning is completed on paper and prior to nominee appearing before the committee.
At this juncture, the Democrats are zero for three; they irrevocably tarnished their reputation during the Kavanaugh hearings and then failed to stop the confirmation.  Justice Ginsburg's failure to resign at the most opportune time is another spectacular strategy failure and may ensure a conservative Supreme Court for decades to come.

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