Saturday 19 January 2019

Woof-woof Nancee, you Shitbird.................from Rico

Nancee 'incoherent is her middle name' Pelosi is a shitbird, and it's high time her wings were clipped a little.
- The last time she was 'Speaker' she racked up million$ in 'free' Air Force travel making weekly trips to/from Commiephonia along with hundreds of thousand$ in top-shelf booze for her & friends. [read: taxpayer abuse]
And meanwhile, she babbles complete nonsense like 'protecting the border' with electronic dogs. Clearly the Botox has been injected too deeply, too often.
- Will she next do the Hillary 'woof-woof' thing?
Crazy bitch is lucky Trump hasn't yet fitted her for a shock collar...

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