Saturday 16 February 2019

And It's ALL Trump's Fault #1,523,786................from Rico

Let's do the DC (District of Criminals) Crapweasel two-step for a moment...
1. CONgress had two years and EVERY fucking chance/opportunity to do their job. They did NOT.
- CONgress 'sold out' instead by doing their paymaster's bidding [tip: that's not YOU happy legal citizen].
2. Trump with no alternatives to unconditional surrender to the Swamp, goes full "Emergency" to make the badly needed Wall happen finally, without the help of a thoroughly corrupt and dysfunctional CONgress [see: 1. above]. In essence an Executive "fuck 'em then" declaration.
3. NOTE: The veto-proof 'spending bill' CONgress shat on his desk to sign is only good to September.
- We'll 'see' you in September CONgress*...
And in other 'news' from the MSM:
Congress doesn't do their job. It's all Trump's fault.  
*PS - I sure HOPE that Gitmo renovation/expansion is ready by then. Just sayin'...

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