Saturday 16 February 2019

Political Corksnockers Just Screwed American Citizens Royally...Sic Semper Scoundrels.....................from Rico

I'm sure the MSM and their comrades in the DNC will NOT make a point of saying this at all...they are too thrilled spit-less to have put Trump in a no-win position on the "Keep the Government AND the Border Open" POS legislation they passed...but they passed the Bill with veto-proof majorities in House & Senate AND TRUP HAD TO SIGN IT like it or not.
- Trump is getting the BLAME for what the Uniparty crap-weasels and shit-heels did in cobbling this 'hate America even more' legislation.
Be very clear (especially YOU Ann Coulter) IT WAS THE DC SWAMP (RINOcrats and Demunists both) that just sold America down the river, Not Trump.
- The Swamp pulled every low-down, filthy, scummy 'trick' in the District of Communists [DC] book to stop the Wall. Including drafting a Bill he would not have signed had fewer RINO surrender-monkeys not caved-in as usual for them. They instead gave the Democrat Socialists a VETO-PROOF piece of legislative shit even nastier than ObamaCare new depths of depravity and betrayal of their oaths of office and the 'voters' they are supposed to represent (hardy-fucking-har to that one).
The RINO's of the 'surrender party' and Mitch McConnell as their 'leader' ALL deserve to be tossed-out of office at the least, but I'm leaning towards reviving the practice of tar & feathers before riding them out of town on a rail.
- The Democrats closely following them.....


Mark Matis said...

The tribe is, once again at the very root of this evil.

Anonymous said...

The USA needs a third party, it needs term limits, and it needs to hang a great many knaves.