Saturday 16 February 2019

Emergencies in Perspective....................from Rico

I'm certain the MSM and the Democrats (C) will be certain to provide a calm, logical, and factual perspective on the just declared "emergency"...hahahahaha, just kidding!
- They will, as a matter of course, lie their collective Communist asses off shamelessly, expecting the ignorati to swallow the lies of the ingnoranuses.
It's a matter of perspective, and when your purpose is to harm America...then you look at things entirely differently than if you purpose is to defend and protect America.
- What is a desirable 'feature' to the former, is a 'bug' to be shunned to the latter.
Here is a good comparison of how recent Presidents pre-Trump perceived emergencies.
- This in itself should give you a pretty good indication that the histrionics, alligator tears, gnashing of teeth, and rending of political garments the world will now be subjected to by the drama queens of the Left is pure, unadulterated, bovine excrement.

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