Sunday 3 February 2019

'Progressivism' the Ultimate Inversion..................from Rico

Leftist "progressivism" represents the ultimate inversion of reality.
- Right becomes Wrong
- Truth becomes Hate Speech
- Normal becomes Perverted
- Logic becomes Feeling
- Not Cool becomes Cool*
- Law becomes Lawless
...and vice versa.
Small wonder that most people today simply can no longer tell the difference between Shit and Shinola.
- This is a feature and not a bug of 'progressivism' and integral to its design, survival, and success.
Case in point: At the proper stage of 'inversion' the LAW [innocent until proven guilty by a fair trial] which once was the shield protecting we the people, has become a BFC (Big Fucking Club) [convicted in the media] used as a weapon against we the people.
- The US Dept of Justice and FBI have...thanks to 'progressivism'...become unfunny, dystopian parodies of Monty Python's "Burn the Witch" sketch. 
*It's been a while since I have mentioned BENGHAZI. [think: Hillary]; or that murder, treason, theft, and being a flaming Communist is not just "OK" but now has become "cool" if you're a 'progressive' Liberal.

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