Sunday 3 February 2019

When "smart" isn't: Marxifornia leading the way....................from Rico

Marxifornia, where the "smart" people aka Democrats [read: we're 'smarter' than you; aka Socialists] run things, is leading the way forward...back to Soweto.
Yes, Sacramento meet Soweto, both places where the self-selected 'elites' herd the masses into. Out of sight, out of mind.
- Only the "shmart" ones now call it "smart growth" or "sustainable development" while sentient life forms recognize it as (a) Agenda 21, and/or (b) a 'war' on both single family homes and single families. [You don't 'need' all that space!]
WARNING: Anything labeled "smart" by these ignorant assholes isn't.
In other news: Venezuela's Socialist Paradise is temporarily closed for renovations. The "smart" people [Socialists] responsible for the damage unexpectedly could not be reached for comment.

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