Sunday 3 February 2019

Stupid Bowl, Let's NOT Party.................from Rico

Lacrosse, Hockey, Rugby, Women's Beach Volleyball...all are sports that are entertaining plus fun to watch.
- Since the NFL went full-SJW with their kneeling protest shit, and added male cheerleaders, not so much. In fact not at all. Ptah! Ptooey!
So, a Stupid Bowl Party ain't gonna happen. Other things will have greater priority that trimming my toenails. So, no fucking thanks, I'm really not interested in the Stupid Bowl or a Party to 'celebrate' these overpaid, condescending, and preachy NFL pussies. What's to miss?
- I have placed no bets, am not interested in chips & dip, don't have any lame friends* to 'bro down' with over NFL leggings, watch commercials like goggle-eyed morons, or watch the half-time show hoping for a costume failure. I'm damned lucky that my life has never been so boring and pathetic that any of that shit seems remotely 'exciting' and life's just too short to spend it hanging-out with dumbasses.
*Typical Stupid Bowl Party Typology:
- Super Fans who dress like 'their team'
- Gamblers who have 'action' on over/under, spread, the coin toss, longest punt, interceptions, penalty yards
- Experts who never played football after HS but are willing to 'splain the game to anyone who will listen
- Stat Boyz who never played football after HS but know all the stats...both in reasl life and fantasy football
- Only there for the commercials, watch them hush everyone and get weepy-eyed over the Budweiser and whatever-else commercials after having ignored the game completely
- Bluto Blutarsky who brings 1x 7-layer dip, eats 3x plates of 12-wings+3-slices pizza+multiple brewski's per plate...and then asks if there are any 'leftovers' when it's over


Anonymous said...

Screw the game, off to work. It also helps that I'm in Guam and iy's Monday Morning!!!

Anonymous said...

Between Deflategate and the NO-Call it will just be known as the Cheaters Bowl. LIII with an *.