Thursday 7 March 2019

Hmmm...Not a Bad Idea...............from Rico

The enemy of my enemy, is my friend?
Russians singing "bomb DC"...not just many Americans, but many in the world would say "what a GOOD idea!"
- Drain the Swamp? A fused-glass parking lot takes the concept to an entirely higher level. It boggles the mind to consider the myriad of 'problems' that would be solved by this. Can't honestly say very many of the DC assholes would be 'missed' at all...can you?
I guess it's time to re-visit "Dr Strangelove" about now.
- While Gen Ripper was essentially correct, who knew at that time it would be about the Socialist Shitweasels today infesting Washington, DC?


Mark Matis said...

Quite frankly, the same applies to EVERY hive in this country. Including those in Texas.

Jeffersonian said...

Brother, I had that idea years ago:

Mr. Bee said...

The next "Red Dawn" movie should be about the US government being taken over by Democratic party commies.