Thursday 7 March 2019

It's Getting Very Shitty in France...............from Rico

The Grammar-Nazi's may 'correct' me on this and insist I say "shittier" instead of "very shitty" over in France, but what the Hell. You get my drift here.
- I speak of the Yellow Jackets who are still protesting, continuing their very visible and vocal rejection of Globalism-Socialism-Climate BS that began last year.
Considering the shitty way their 'leaders' have been treating them by favoring everyone else (especially if they're from Africa) over the the tax-donkeys...excuse me, Frenchmen...not to mention the roughly eleven protestor's deaths at the hands of the police, the latest escalation seems reasonable enough to me.
- Shit bombs.
Yes, the Yellow Vests have begun using literal 'shit bombs' against the establishment, making the gendarme's work (and la belle France) even shittier.
- I'd keep an eye on the Canadians. If even they start using these "Caca-tov's" then you'll know that the proverbial has 'no shit' hit the fan!

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