Wednesday 24 July 2019

COMEY: Mother------ is only half-a-word.........from Rico

Watch for September!
- DOJ-IG Horowitz will be filing a report with evidence that former FBI Director Comey was running a "covert operation" against newly inaugurated President Trump.
Comey was 'misleading' Trump (you're not the subject of an investigation) while conducting an active investigation against him.
- "Mother......" is only half-a-word when referring to this political cockroach. Motherfucker!
While repeatedly assuring Trump that he was not a target, (now former) FBI Director Comey was secretly trying to build a case against him...while at times acting as an investigative agent and conducting a "counterintelligence assessment" of Trump.
- Comey was NOT working as a 'singleton' or acting in isolation, either.
Something to 'think about' while the presstitutes of the MSM are silent on the matter.

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