Wednesday 24 July 2019

Rep Ilhan Omar D-MN_criminal fraudster................from Rico

Gawrsh, can you believe that Minnesotans aren't being told any of this by the MSM or their local Party Newspaper the Red Star (aka Minneapolis Star)?
- The rest of the US isn't exactly being 'informed' of this by the MSM either.
Comrades haz to protect fellow comrades!
After a three year investigation, a House Ethics complaint has just been filed against Rep Ilhan Omar -MN. What for? Try this:
- Perjury
- Immigration fraud
- Marriage fraud
- State & Federal tax fraud
- Federal student loan fraud
That's a whole lotta criminal fraud, but if you're a Democrat, Communist, Muslim, minority female I guess that's perfectly OK. Don't hold your breath for this America-hating Muslima bint to be removed from Congress, have her citizenship stripped, and/or be deported back to the failed state known as Somalia (which is a Muslim Sharia-compliant nation AND has a Socialist government btw).
- Just don't YOU try any of that criminal shit Joe & Jane Sixpack American, or they'll throw the book at you!


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