Wednesday 24 July 2019

Palawan - Pristine Philippines (4k - Time lapse - Aerial - Tilt shift)

Palawan has been voted the best island on Earth for two years in a row by readers of Travel + Leisure, one of America’s most influential travel magazines.
It is indeed an amazingly beautiful and picturesque island, but awards like these come of course with a price tag in terms of crowds of people. However, with a little bit effort you will still be able to find great spots on this stunning island, were you don't run into hoards of self declared beach bums, but there are quite a few places that should be better avoid at all means, since they are rather terrible.

Travel across this beautiful island in less than 3 minutes.
Visit the Bacuit Bay, Twin Beach in Calitang, Sibaltán and many other places that I can't remember were they were when cruising around with the scooter

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