Tuesday 23 July 2019

PM Johnson And A Conservative Civil War.................from Dan T

The appointment of Boris Johnson to take over from the treacherous Theresa May has given hope to the British people that their decades long fight to regain their independence from the corrupt and failing European Union is tantalisingly close.

Once the shackles of the freedom crushing fanatics in Brussels have been cast off the bright sunlit uplands of prosperity that independent sovereign nations enjoy will be achievable.

Boris Johnson has got off to a good start with President Trump endorsing his appointment and offering to work with his government to fast track a free trade agreement.

Heads of the Commonwealth countries that were so shamelessly cast aside when the political elite transferred their loyalty, and British sovereignty, to the European Union have made similar offers.

The world’s major trading nations such as Japan, South Korea, China, Brazil etc. have all indicated that they are anxious to conclude trade deals with the world’s fifth largest economy.

The long overdue replacement of the duplicitous Theresa May should herald in some stability and progress, but it will not be plain sailing for Prime Minister Johnson or the British people.

The Europhile forces dedicated to overturning the result of the referendum and preventing Brexit are formidable. For over four decades the political elite, including Parliament, have politicised every institution by installing like-minded people dedicated to the European nation building project.

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