Wednesday 15 January 2020

American Leftist Inhumanity and Insanity...........from Rico

Marxist totalitarians are all the same. Disagree? Have values and/or opinions they do not approve of?
- Then they will kill you, but sometimes they will send you 'away' to re-education camps aka Gulags and use you as slave labor, until that kills you...or they decide to. Problem solved!
Communists are NOT humanity's friends, and they are NOT your friends!
- Barry's BFF and company opined that 25% of the American population would have to be exterminated because they could not be re-educated.
- Today, a key Bernie-bro was exposed citing the Left's continuing Gulag wet dream fantasy. [calling Alexsandre Solzhenitsyn here: 'Gulags weren't that bad' according to this young comrade; attached] Need I remind you that Bernie is a Communist?
Here is a Bernie quote for you: "It's a good thing when people stand in line for food."
Yeah. Right. How about all y'awl go fuck yourselves?

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