Thursday 9 April 2020

Has WuFlu Exposed 'Davos Man?'.................from Rico

Looking at what the "quarantine" has exposed [think: pushing a Leftist/Globalist agenda], I'm seriously wondering if Davos Man has been exposed as having fooled everyone with COVID-19?
Consider a few things:
1. W.H.O. is being run by a radical Communist, and has obviously had their thumb on the scale to protect Communist China.
2. The base 'model' from IMHE (the Institute For Medical Health and Research) used by Dr's Fauci and Birx...and most of the rest of the world was incorrect/inaccurate and useless.
-- Were the 'models' used doctored like the Climate 'models' have been?
-- Are they, and others, POLITICAL DR's first?*
- Seattle-based [Leftist SEATTLE] Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation largely funds the IMHE, having provided $279 million to them [Globalist GATES, the guy who thinks there are far too many people walking the earth].
-- Has the IMHE been 'politicized' and corrupted by the Leftists in the same manner that Bezo's ownership has corrupted and politicized the Washington comPost?
Will the timeless wisdom of the classical dead white male come to pass in the end? [think: (a) Beer Virus hysteria being broken on the wheel of reality as the true data eventually is revealed, and (b) WHEN has the Progressive LEFT ever been right about anything?]
*Anyone who is a student of History, observant, and/or has a DD-214 is familiar with the concept of "political generals" who were incorrect/inaccurate and useless from the time of the Grand Army of the Republic up to now. Is it such a 'stretch' to think that we now have "Political Doctors" who are incorrect/inaccurate and useless blinded by a Leftist agenda? [thinking Dr Death, Rahm Emmanuel's brother for example who thinks nobody should live past age 75].

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