Thursday 9 April 2020

The Stench of Socialism?.......................from Rico

Do you 'trust' the "experts" and/or "politicians?"
You know, the ones who implemented lock-downs and have embraced the Zimbabwe-Venezuela economic model [read: Socialism].
Their 'computer models' first projected a US death rate from the Beer Virus of 1.5-2.2 million. [think: The questionable IMHE model.]
- The 'model' was 93,765 on 1 APR (appropriately)
- Then 81,766 on 5 APR.
Well good morning! It has been revised downward 25% to 60,415 early the morning of 8 APR.
Of course, the beneficial effects of 'social distancing' and lock-downs get the credit while providing perfect 'cover for action' for the "experts" and "politicians" who have destroyed the economy. 
NOTE:  Thanks to the CDC guidance in late March ("assume cause of death as WuFlu if you're not sure or do not know) has effectively assured that we will never know what the true/actual COVID-19 mortality rate in the US is.

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Jay Dee said...

Actually they're counting so many deaths as COVID 19 that it appears that COVID 19 is curing cancer and heart disease. Of course if one assumes that deaths due to cancer and heart disease have not changed it becomes simple statistics to sort out how many people have died from COVID 19.