Monday 6 April 2020

Meanwhile, in Japan...................from Rico

Japan always had some 'interesting' fast-food offerings competing with the sushi-belt diners. Appealing to their 'unique' tastes is no small task. [thinking kernels of yellow corn and squid rings as pizza toppings here, and 'taco' to them means octopus]
- I can recall fried chicken chain KFC offering salmon sandwiches which were not at all bad, just a pretty far cry from a chicken sandwich and with wasabi soy sauce.
Burger behemoth MacDonald's Japan has rolled out the "Samurai Mac" burger, in two versions using a Samurai movie star to promote them (which is somewhat akin to having John Wayne selling sushi for the King of Burgers).
SHIBUMI. Spirit of the Samurai lives on in Japan!

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