Monday 6 April 2020

WuFlu - Assumed....................from Rico

The old saw about "assumed" making an ass out of you and me has new legs. Your 'gummint at work!
- Call them 'figures lie, and liars figure'...
CDC issued guidance to US hospitals 23 Mar 2020 that tells them to list COVID-19 as a cause of death, regardless of whether or not there is actual testing to confirm it.
Instead, even if Beer Virus was just a contributing factor...or if it's "assumed to have caused or contributed to death" it can be listed as a primary cause.
- "If the decedent had other clinical conditions such as COPD or asthma that may also have contributed, these conditions can be listed in Part II."
So, from this I conclude that:
(a) If anyone dies of an infection that's vaguely like COVID-19 [?: influenza], they could have COVID-19 listed as their primary cause of death.
(b) The 'statistics' and death numbers being reported-allegedly attributed to COVID-19 are highly suspect.
(c) Serious national policy decisions/actions are being based upon what is likely to be skewed data.
Gee, was it just a few days ago I noted that the media reporting did NOT make the distinction between dying OF the Beer Virus or dying from something else but with the Beer virus present as well?
- Now the CDC makes things clear as mud.

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Diamond Mair said...

It also determines the "code" (DSM) used, which impacts payment by private insurance/Medicaid/Medicare. As a coder way back when, I was told to code any 'cardiac events' as primary, even when they were NOT the reason for admission, but a subsequent problem. This was because all myocardial infarctions, etc., we're paid at a higher rate than any other medical problems.
Semper Fi'