Friday 3 April 2020

TP Shortage?.......................from Rico

Trees still grow, TP factories still run 24/7 and we still make TP in America. Why the 'empty' shelves?
- Enter the ever helpful media narrative 'panic buying' and 'hoarders'...except it's neither.
A 'run' on TP because of a Beer Virus plannedemic (which is an upper respiratory infection) makes no sense, except that it does. It makes perfect sense.
- The supply chain for this low-margin item is finely tuned to meet a steady and constant demand.
- People confined to their homes = more toilet paper consumption at home daily. They are not using more TP than normal in a day...they are just home and not at work, so commercial demand for TP is down and domestic demand for TP is up.
The demand has shifted from one to the other, and the tight/inflexible supply chain has not yet shifted with it.

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