Thursday 28 September 2023

Go ahead SHUT IT DOWN.................from Rico

 The feckless and clueless corporate media complex is pushing 'fear porn' about a government shutdown* at the behest of its masters in DC [District of Criminals 'n Communists] in the mistaken belief (one of their many delusions) that any Americans really care.


On the contrary. Go right ahead and shut .Gov'll be saving us the trouble of doing it ourselves.


As a bonus we might get to see some of the 41,000 hours of the J6 tapes, Epstein's client list, the Nashville Tranny Shooter's manifesto, and a lot of other things .Gov has hidden from us.


We the people have figured out that our elections are fake, our President is fake, our economy is fake, our government is fake, and our freedom is fake plus all y'awl are some toxic combination of gay, retarded, and Communist.


*God forbid the grifting should be interfered with.

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