Wednesday 25 October 2023

Prelude to a Mostly Peaceful 2024 Summer...............from Rico

 Democrat [C] stronghold Minnesota has one of the most concentrated Muslim populations in the US.

- It didn't just happen, it was made to happen [thanks Obama].


That said, the Minneapolis Pro-Palestine protest didn't just happen. It was not organic, spontaneous, or was planned astroturf. Very well planned and highly organized.

- It was not a surprise to local or federal Law Enforcement. They knew and allowed it to happen.


It seems like the mostly peaceful Summer of 2020 that the paid-for BLM and Antifa brownshirts gave America just was not peaceful enough and there are plans for an even more peaceful Summer of 2024 courtesy of all the recently imported military age illegals.

- The mostly peaceful Minneapolis protest [read: staged RIOT] was a dry run for the fun to come. It was also an education in how they operate.


It is time to prepare accordingly and get ready.

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