Wednesday 25 October 2023

Safe & Effecive, but Contaminated................from Rico


         Vaxxed with Simian Virus.

The 'vaxx' that EUrope and the US got was contaminated with SV40 [read: Simian Virus 40*] according to Health Canada and McKernan's published research.

- Crickets from the MSM, CDC, and FDA.


*SV40 is a DNA virus that sometimes causes tumors and persists as a latent infection.



         Mortality Rates Up 318%

The Expose reports that mortality rates for teens and young adults in the UK that have been vaxxed four times is up 318%.



        Time to ask effective AT WHAT?

Mortality Rates per 100k shockingly reveal Four-Dose COVID-19 Vaccinated Teens & Young Adults are up to 318% more likely to Die than the Unvaccinated according to quietly published Government Report


Andrew said...

Time to ask effective AT WHAT?


Anonymous said...

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