Friday 19 April 2024

The now I have bowel cancer confirmed fundraiser............... being homeless just took second place.

 As previously mentioned I continue to be homeless and in need of a little support. Sadly I don't qualify for help in housing from the council and finding a private let is hampered by a total lack of available properties. Am presently living in my car which isn't so bad, but not the best thing for my COPD. If anyone has a few pennies to spare please hit the link in the sidebar. Any donations will be gratefully accepted and wisely spent on bed and breakfasts, as the occasional night in a proper bed is a much needed thing. I hope that none of you have ever been in this highly unenjoyable situation, because it's not a lot of fun and I can only hope that a place to live will appear in the near future.

Thanks in advance. Theo

Chateau Citroen 

Update: I remain homeless but thanks to some incredibly kind donations I get to sleep in a bed every now and again. So anyone who still wants to make a small donation it will be gratefully received.

Update: Today it was confirmed that I have bowel cancer. Will see how this pans out.


Mark Matis said...

Have you considered converting to Islam and requesting asylum?

Anonymous said...

That just would not be right.