Thursday 25 April 2024

$tanding with Ukraine ..................from Rico

 Having figured-out my taxes [read: how much I owe Ukraine] I now can take the time to really appreciate how CONgre$$ and my .gov is $tanding with Ukraine.


Highlander said...

We grow a lot of our food, meat, vegetables, herbs etc. Today I went to the grocery store to get those items we like but can't produce. Rice, wine, cheese (coming soon) laundry soap, PB, and some niceties, In total I spent $378. I can not imagine what a family of 4 is spending. My cost have gone from about $175 when we first moved here in 2015. This is what we need to get through most of the month.

Allen said...

you neglected to mention that hennadiy vatsak won the car in an MMA tournament. in 2019.