Sunday 12 May 2024

Civilians vs Bandits ..........from Rico

Ignore the current emergency du jour the Davos class routinely inflicts upon us (the obviously spontaneous campus pro-Hamas/anti-Israel theater funded by $oro$ for one example) and consider the likely future threat that we should be preparing for.

No, it won't be the soon to collapse Clown World Order (though the prudent mariner would stay out of the way of its death throes and try to avoid the shrapnel of its collapse). It cannot maintain or sustain its madness and it's already dying. Once dead it will be no threat to anyone.

What then? Remember Hurricane Katrina? During that disaster New Orleans had NO law enforcement. The criminals were unrestrained and looting/violence reigned unchecked. 

Now think about a regional or national circumstance when government collapses.

- The greatest danger will be where the largest concentrations of people are, and the threat will be from (a) neighbors, (b) criminals, and (c) a population of 3rd world illegals (many gangbangers/criminals) that outnumber the military by many multiples (a military that will be hard-pressed dealing with Chinese and other hostile Special Forces plus terrorist groups that are already here and waiting-in-place) a word BANDITS.

Sheriff Andy and Deputy Barney will more than have their hands full and we'll be effectively on our own. It will be CIVILIANS vs BANDITS time.

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