Saturday 4 November 2017

The Weinstein Affair: Piling On......................from Dan Friedman

[Bobby, Teddy and JFK made Weinstein look like a eunuch, and everyone else knew what was going. But they had money, class and rooms in the Carlyle - and most of all privilege and power - so anyone who knew what was good for them kept their trap shut and looked the other way. Never mind that at least two woman lost their lives in the process. Was Elton John thinking of the Kennedy's when he said goodbye to Norma Jean?   
Simply put, sex was no crime back then. And “harassment” can mean anything and cuts both ways. I was once cornered and propositioned by a young actress who said she'd come to my room and do anything if I'd give her a part in a commercial I was casting in H'wood in the early 70s. Stupid me, I still had scruples then. I turned her down because at that point I didn't have the authority to guarantee her the role. Didn’t want to break my word, or face an angry female. That put me in a compromising position. A young guy could lose his job over that. But somehow I never thought to call cousin Bernie, Esq.  Maybe it's not too late.
Sex only became taboo when the lawyers and leftist feminists seized control of our culture. Why do you think they’re all coming out of the woodwork  now, 25 years after the fact? To restore morality to our great nation? 
Sex is an overwhelming urge sometime. It was meant to be, or this place would be like the far side of the moon. But it’s no crime unless it crosses a well-defined line. Harvey Weinstein is a chazah (pig) and opened the tap, that’s all. When he’s tried and convicted get back to me. I might change my mind. But only then. Df]

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